It’s been a strange week. Gary Lineker has emerged as a hero of the liberal left, for committing the cardinal sin of assuming refugees are people deserving of a modicum of respect. Shocking. It clearly makes him unfit to host terrestrial television’s premier football highlights show. This because photos of asylum seeking children arriving from Calais looked older than 18. Photo analysis software was used to prove it. The same software proved that the England under 17 squad were all past pension age. The ultimate irony was a Mail front page which ran this story against one saying it was impossible to tell the 50 year old Cindy Crawford from her 15 year old daughter. X Ray their teeth, cry politicians and press. Never mind that is unethical and doesn’t work according to the British Dental Association (crypto Marxists, the lot of them). Maybe cut their arms off and count the rings. Go figure, as they say in America.

I made the mistake of trawling through the comments on an online article on this. I should learn, really I should. It’s a world of hate, fear and spite. I wanted to take a shower after I emerged. Interestingly it accompanied a poll ‘Should Britain accept these maybe children’ or some such. The comments were almost universally hostile, but the popular vote was 2/3 in favour of offering protection. So there is hope. There are lots of good people out there, but they keep quiet. Or at least have the common sense not to go near the comments page.

Back to the comments. Lots of variants on ‘why are the bleeding heart liberals of the Home Office willing to help these phony refugees but not our own gallant homeless’. Now here I have to stop and think a little. They actually have a point, at least in pointing out that there is a genuine, home grown homelessness crisis. It’s a scandal that ex service personnel are street homeless; that social housing has been consistently degraded, that mental health services have sunk to second our even third class services. We should squirm in shame that this is happening in a wealthy country, where were all in it together.

So here is the deal. Anyone who is making that argument, let’s run a test. Are you more interested in helping ordinary British national homeless people than you are in attacking foreign refugees? Let’s work together to raise funds, which we’ll split 50/50 between Hope Projects, the asylum destitution charity I work for and the homelessness charity of your choice. Pass this offer on to anyone who makes that argument. They can contact me at I’ll be waiting.