Two clients of Hope Projects. I’ll keep my clumsy words out of the way of their more eloquent ones.

“When I was evicted from NASS accommodation, a woman from my country whom I met here offered me accommodation, only to exploit my situation and use me as a domestic slave. As a woman, destitution means exploitation and opens doors to series of abuses that we often feel ashamed to talk about. But thank God, Hope Housing exists to offer a room, dignity, money to buy the food we like and they treat us with respect. The reality is that without Hope Projects, I would have been one of many women forced into prostitution or modern slavery. After all, what choices do we have?”.

“I came to the UK with a spouse-visa but the marriage broke down because of domestic violence. I ended up homeless, sofa-surfing in people’s houses, and finally exhausted all alternative support networks. My in-laws in UK got involved to make my situation worse, and my family back home not only turned their back on me but threatened to kill me if I return to save their “honour”.  Hope Projects have saved my life. There is no word to describe what Hope Housing means to us. You have to be homeless, destitute, traumatised, hungry, scared and desperate for a safe roof over your head and a good sleep, to understand what really Hope Housing means to us.”

Thank you for permission.

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